Sometimes drinking games can be a Herculean feat; the rules aren’t great, the movie or television show isn’t great, chugging an entire glass of wine is a worse idea than it seems, the list goes on. However, we at Minerva have a cure for those drinking game doldrums, because nothing can turn around a drinking game like a good old 90s animated classic. For this edition of Drinking Dame, the crew turned to Disney’s under-appreciated but still beloved mythical classic, Hercules. An endearing hero, sassy musical narrators (who are also awesome), a villain who is nothing but a hothead, what could be better? (Okay, it would be better if the female lead had, I don’t know… a legitimate body type, maybe? Hips that actually work like hips, perhaps? But I digress.)

So go the distance and check out our drinking rules below. Those who can finish their drinks before the movie ends will be declared true heroes (or at least truly drunk). And remember, drink responsibly and call IXII for any emergencies.

The Rules

Drink any time:

  • Pain and Panic transform
  • There are mythical inaccuracies (and mythology buffs, help your friends out here. There are a LOT.)
    • Bonus mythology expert round: Drink every time one of Hercules’s twelve labors is referenced or showcased
  • Your favorite god or goddess appears on screen (The team drank for Athena, because she is our namesake, and Olivia also drank for Persephone, because she only shows up twice in the movie and Olivia weeps for what might have been.)
  • Hades loses his cool
  • Hercules and Pegasus butt heads
  • Meg calls Hercules “Wonderboy”
  • The Muses start to narrate
  • Hercules breaks something or is generally klutzy
  • Hercules feels like he “doesn’t belong”
  • Hades says something sassy
  • The number of words Phil says he is going to say do not add up  (fun fact: this is because what may be three words in English is actually two in Greek)
  • Finish your drink and sing along to “I Won’t Say I’m in Love”
  • Waterfall when Hercules jumps into the Styx to rescue Meg’s soul

Featured image via Disney Examiner.