About Us

Mission Statement

Minerva is a new space for obsessive geeks. We’re carving out paths in geekdom that give women a voice in a male-centric community. Our writers are passionate and thoughtful, quirky and shameless. Instead of caps-locked diatribes or uninspired click bait, we give thoughtful geeks what they want. From classic literature to modern fandoms, Minerva delivers sophisticated and irreverent coverage of entertainment, fashion, history, gender, and anything else we can’t stop talking about.

Origin Story

We at Minerva like to think we’re proof of what can happen when a school project goes right. The idea started as an assignment for a group of graduate students at Emerson, but rather than taking the easy way out—picking a mildly interesting magazine idea to fulfill basic requirements—we decided to build something that all of us wanted to read. In a class packed with people who own Harry Potter scarves, regularly attend Shakespeare performances, and cosplay as the Avengers, what else could we do but a magazine for geeks? Of course, this meant way more ideas than we could ever cram into a semester, and once the work got started, we thought…why not continue? And so, we were bit by the radioactive spider of ambition.

Geeks can get obsessive, but it means you have endless fodder to discuss and the conversation never gets old. Rather than focus on the latest news, we want to talk about the things that interest us and keep us up at night while we’re trying to sleep (why didn’t Frodo just ride an eagle to Mordor?). On top of that, it’s important to remember that geeks aren’t just a crowd of enthusiastic dudes. There are plenty of girl geeks in the world, and while we love the male-dominated entertainment we grew up with, we also want to lend a voice to the women of the geek world. Female artists and authors are often sorely overlooked, and as ladies of the geek persuasion, we want to bring them into the light. Minerva is a space where all open-minded and enthusiastic geeks can gather, and also where they can discover new movies, books, and games to love.