‘Tis the season for holiday gifting. Here are a few suggestions for the geekier folks on your shopping list. Bonus: they can all be purchased from the comfort of your own couch thanks to online shopping (Salesforce have a great guide to ecommerce). You’ve guessed it, that means freedom from crowded stores, conversations, and pants. Shopping online can also lead to cheap deals with discount codes and coupons available, especially if you visit sites like Raise.

3,000 Classic Books

classic booksHelp out your favorite English Lit major and give them easy access to 3000 Classic Books, all on one USB drive. Reading on a computer screen isn’t for everyone, but a USB takes up way less shelf space than all the Norton Critical Editions. And it’s way more adorable. Computer gadgets in general are pretty good geek gifts, just look at these custom pc gaming mouse pads for example; perfect.

Shakespearean Lip Balms

Need a stocking stuffer for a theater nerd (or avid Bardolatry listener)? This set of Shakespearean Lip Balms-in Shakespeare (Mint), Hamlet (Apple) and Macbeth (Orange) flavors-will help keep their lips moister than Ophelia’s final resting place.

Cthulhu Monster Knit Mask

SEA1045Speaking of style, you probably know at least one person who can unironically pull off this Cthulhu Knit Mask. It’s a perfect way to keep your face warm and show that you’ve answered the call of the great Cthulhu. Also recommended for keeping catcallers and other unwanted conversationalists at bay.

Space Jewelry

Between the upcoming Star Wars movie and the somewhat recent photos of Pluto, space is even more awesome and culturally relevant than ever. For the amatuer astronomer or anyone who appreciates cool pictures of stars, there’s Space Galaxy Earrings. Actually, this Etsy seller has tons of space-themed jewelry and other nifty pieces.

Parallel Universe Print

il_570xN.657909774_3c8hEtsy really is a treasure trove of nerdy gifts-someone with more artistic talent than you has probably made the exact thing that you’re looking for. Maybe that thing is a framed print about parallel universes for that friend who won’t stop pondering the multiverse theory. You know the one.

Geeky Cookbooks

51pevMm2GdLOf course, there’s always the novelty cookbook for when normal cooking isn’t enough. Some of us can barely boil water but others might enjoy understanding the science behind food. Or for the more fandom-friendly cook, there’s the option of cooking meals from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and even The Hunger Games (you know, because you don’t have to register for a death match in order to get extra sacks of grain).


23aWith winter comes cold weather (in most places) and with cold weather comes warm drinks. Like tea. Tea goes well with blankets and books and binge-watching. And nothing says geeky like tailoring your tea to your favorite fandom. You can buy sampler sets for your tea-loving friends (and maybe even a single blend for yourself).

Scented Candles

Another reality of the winter months is the overall lack of daylight, but that does mean candles aren’t just an indulgence but a way to add more light. Visit https://www.laurelandwolf.com/blogs/best-scented-candles in order to find the perfect scented candle for someone you appreciate dearly. Plus, scented candles smell yummy. Not to mention the fact that they make great gifts. Because who wouldn’t want a room to smell like Sherlock’s Study, Butterbeer, or that romance novel you can’t help but love?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

PE11928CNC-WonderWoman-LogoFairIsle-510x587And, last but not least, we must honor that most ridiculous of traditions, the Ugly Christmas Sweater. Gather ‘round the fireplace/tree/menorah/festivus pole and represent those classic holiday characters. Because nothing says Christmas quite like Batman.

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