Happy New Year, listeners! I hope your holiday seasons were festive and happy! The VP is back with all new episodes, and this month we’re kicking off and getting back on track with an episode on “The Black Tapes.” Due to technical difficulties the episode Olivia recorded with Gabs about this podcast was lost to Internet time, but never fear! Olivia’s boyfriend Chris was there to help out. So buckle in for a long-overdue new episode about “The Black Tapes” to start the new year off right. Olivia’s New Year’s resolution? To listen to more podcasts, of course!

P.S. Warning for those younger ears; we touch on potentially mature themes just a bit (and a little jokingly).

P.P.S. We riffed on The Twilight Zone while making comparisons, so shout out to Allison Rand’s fantastic piece about her favorite Twilight Zone episodes.

P.P.P.S. As always, if you’d like to contribute to the conversation, or listen along to next month’s podcast in advance, comment below or tweet at either @MagMinerva or @WoodsWords27.

The Virgin Podcaster – The Black Tapes