For the latest installment of Bardolatry, Gabs and Katy discuss Love’s Labour’s Lost, a play neither of us had read before (Olivia sadly couldn’t join us this time around). We discovered some pretty…interesting things about one of Shakespeare’s earliest comedies. Like in his early days he was trying to fit as many jokes into a minute as possible. And that apparently Elizabethans found Latin hilarious–and understood Latin? Mostly, though, we discovered LLL acted almost as a test run for a lot of his later comedies. Let us know what you think about this play and whether you’ve ever even heard of it!

Fun fact: This play has the longest word of any of Shakespeare’s plays. You can find it in Act 5, scene 1: honorificabilitudinitatibus. Try saying that 10 times fast.

Bardolatry: Episode 8 – Love’s Labour’s Lost

Intro Music: “Baroque Chorus” (by Daniel “BozoDel” Piovezan)