Greetings, fellow book lovers, and welcome to the second meeting of the Boozy Book Club! We decided after the first installment that we would move to a recommendation system for our reads. This means one member of the staff will choose a book for each meetings on a rotating basis. This also means if you want to join in on the fun, you can totally recommend and then talk books with us!

This time around we chose Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor courtesy of me (you might remember me loving on Prague a couple months ago thanks to this book). I was inspired by Rosie showing up with a free copy of it at another gathering. I’ve read this book three times now and have a bit of history with it. I read this book back in early 2012 when it was the first in the trilogy and obsessively waited for the second and third books to come out. I just love the world building in this book. It’s so freaking creative and fresh, that I’m willing to look over some of the book’s other faults.

So if you’d like to read some YA fantasy with a bunch of romance and some occasionally shocking violence thrown in, check out Daughter of Smoke and Bone! In our conversation, you’ll hear us talk about whether the writing style is fantastic or terrible, speculate on chimera and seraphim reproduction, and face the realization that all angels aren’t white. No, for real. They’re not.

If you’d like to join the discussion in the comments below, we’d love to have you! And if you’d like to contribute to our next discussion, we’re always happy to take emails, Facebook comments, or tweets that we’ll read out loud. You can even record your own piece and send it in. Just make sure to be drinking.