It’s that time again, geeks! The Minerva crew has been a bit hungry lately with Thanksgiving just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with a little bit of The Hunger Games? With the final installment in The Hunger Games movie series, Mockingjay: Part 2, coming up, the timing is perfect to refresh yourself on what the hell happened in the first three movies. What is all this “Capitol” nonsense with their crazy hair and manscaped beards? What does Liam Hemsworth even do other than stand around and look pretty? Will Josh Hutcherson ever go through puberty?



Or, you could leave these questions unanswered as you just play drinking games and have a grand old time watching teenagers fight to the death because a tyrannical dictator said so. It’s not like that completely misses the point of using capitalism to desensitize people to violence and oppression in a dystopian environment. But #TeamPeeta, amirite?

We would never throw you to the mutts without volunteering as tributes first, so we played The Hunger Games drinking game. Unfortunately, we don’t remember most of it because we spent a good deal of time comparing the movie to the book and debating whether Peeta was better than Gale and visa versa (can we all just agree that Katniss is a strong woman who don’t need no man?). Although we created the game specifically for the first movie in the series, you could probably apply most of the rules to any of them. So make a marathon out of it and just hope you don’t hear cannons booming for your fallen comrades.

Before we lay down the rules, as always, here are some creative cocktails to inspire you. Or you could just drink whatever the hell you want like Haymitch; we don’t judge.

The Hunger Games Drinking Game: The Rules

  •   Drink every time Katniss tries to mug for the cameras
  •   Drink every time someone complains about differences from the book
  •   Drink every time a tribute dies
  •   Drink every time anyone tries to discuss whether Gale or Peeta is better
  •   Drink whenever love triangle bullshit is thrown in
  •   Drink every time Gale is a cute boy
  •   Drink every time Caesar Flickerman looks ridiculous
  •   Drink every time they do the three-fingered salute
  •   Drink every time they do the mockingjay whistle
  •   Drink every time Haymitch drinks. (If he chugs, you chug.)
  •   Drink every time you see one of Snow’s roses
  •   Drink every time Effie changes outfits
  •   Drink every time there’s a scene of the control room that was not in the books
  •   Take a drink for every arrow Katniss shoots (maybe switch to water halfway through; this one could be dangerous)
  •   Finish your drink when Rue dies (while crying)
  •   Waterfall while Katniss nurses Peeta back to health

Disclaimer: Minerva is not responsible if you get kicked out of Mockingjay: Part 2 for being drunker than Haymitch on a Monday. Happy Hunger Games, y’all!

Like our drinking games? Want to suggest what we do next? Please comment below!

Header image from Forever Young Adultt. Image of The Hunger Games theme park via Lionsgate.