We thought it would be funny to drop some Doctor Who virgins into the show to see their reactions. Little did we know they’d pick the campiest, weirdest episode of Nu-Who. Check out Seán and Talia’s conversation with added commentary by resident, Lindsay Marshall.

Rule 1: The Doctor lies.

Rule 2: If you’ve never seen Doctor Who before, do not start with “Love and Monsters.”dw1

Nope, not the Doctor.dw2There he is! Aaaaand now he’s gone.dw3

…why wouldn’t a spaceship destroy Parliament? I don’t see aliens caring about governments on Earth.dw4No, the blonde guy is not the Doctor. The Doctor is barely in this episode.dw5They’re so distracted by Moaning Myrtle.dw6Just imagine if they started with the episode Dumbledore’s in.dw7This hurts me, too.dw8Nope. Still not the Doctor.dw9Agreed.dw10

Did they seriously not notice the Doctor is Barty Crouch Jr.?dw11

This episode doesn’t even make sense to Whovians.dw12Yeah, because he has about two minutes of screen time.dw13This is a completely understandable reaction.dw14

On behalf of Whovians everywhere, I apologize.

Featured image via Radio Times.