The Drinking Dame: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Drinking games that embrace your geeky side

Okay, geeks. Let’s get drunk!

Every month we here at Minerva will provide a new list of drinking game rules to help you get through the weekend. What makes these games particularly geeky, you ask? Why, the subject matter, of course. We’re starting off our series with a movie-related game, but stay tuned for TV shows, board games, card games, and more!

You’ll be watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s hilarious, just campy enough to be fun, and pulls together various literary icons in a whirlwind adventure tale. I hope you like Steampunk! Obviously, anyone can enjoy this game, but it really suits geeks of the literary persuasion who can appreciate the hilarity of diverse characters being brought together. They get sooo much stuff wrong and some things oh so right. Also, fans of the original comic book may enjoy this game, but I’m aware that many die-hard fans are less than pleased with this adaptation of their favorite comic. Maybe the alcohol will ease your pain while you hate-watch? Either way, have fun getting wasted, friends!

If you want to liven up your party even more, here’s a list of extraordinary cocktails. Each recipe corresponds to one member of the league. Click on your favorite player to pick your poison!




The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Drinking Game

  • Drink when Allan Quartermain (Sean Connery) says something witty.
  • Drink when an idiot gets squished because he refuses to move…
  • Drink when something happens in a library.
  • Drink when Quartermain makes an impossibly long shot.
  • Drink when America inserts itself into the plot. (Tom Sawyer….why?)
  • Drink when Skinner talks about being naked.
  • Drink when Skinner makes something float.
  • Drink when Mina and Quartermain squabble.
  • Drink when Jekyll talks to Hyde or vice versa.
  • Drink when someone hits on Mina. Take another drink when she rejects him.
  • If you laugh out loud at a line of dialogue, take a drink. Police each other.
  • Drink when someone mentions his or her sad backstory. (ex: Quartermain’s son)
  • Drink at factual inconsistencies from the original stories. (ex: Dorian’s healing powers)
  • Drink when the special effects are corny/ridiculous.
  • Drink when someone reveals his true identity. (ex: The Phantom, The Spy)
  • Finish your drink when Sawyer finally makes the long shot.
  • Bonus: Waterfall when Hyde swims into the water-filled hold to save the boat. First person starts drinking, when he or she stops the second person starts and on down the line. End waterfall when the boat stops sinking.
  • Culturally Aware Bonus: Drink when you see racism inherent to English imperialism.


  • Drink when a newspaper is used as a scene change.
  • Drink when there is a father-son moment between Quartermain and Sawyer.
  • Take two drinks if you think The Nautilus would never float and/or sink immediately.

We at Minerva would never give you advice without first testing it out ourselves. So, we watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen over the weekend. Let’s just say you get drunk extraordinarily fast. We are an eclectic bunch, so there was an accompanying assortment of drinks. I thought I’d do a quick breakdown based on how fast you want to get plastered. The Beer and Cider folks got drunk at a moderate pace, but not too fast to enjoy some of the more subtle innuendo in the movie. The Wine and Bubbly team got really drunk, really fast, and perhaps should have called it quits. They were the source of some of our best laughs of the evening, however. Also, be prepared to wake up with a hangover if you join this group. Finally, the Mixed-Drink crowd were happily in the middle, keeping pace with the beer buds but getting drunker quicker. So, pick your drinks carefully my friends.* Whatever you’re drinking, rest assured you will get very drunk. We’d only made it through the first half of the movie; then, somehow, it was the final scene and we were all finishing our drinks. If you want to hear more about the hilarity that ensued during our trial run, check out some of the best quotes of the night below.

*We had a Porn Star shot (no that doesn’t mean we starred in an adult movie on, it’s a drink that comprises of Canadian Red Sourpuss & Blue Curacao) before starting the movie, just to start everyone out at an equal level of intoxication. Also, purple shots are the best.

Sam Henderson/

Minerva: Off the Clock

P.S. By the final scene, be prepared to gush to the rest of your group about your innermost feelings and basically ALL THE FEELS… Or, this just might happen to me, specifically, when I hit a certain drunken threshold. Between one sip of Prosecco and the next, there is a spontaneous eruption of the waterworks, followed by EMOTIONS. I don’t do emotions. So, if you’re like me and have the emotional range of a teaspoon while sober, this game may be a great way to get in touch with your sensitive side. Good Luck!

Go to our tumblr to relive the movie through the eyes of one of our game participants. She was on the Wine Team btw.


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