Welcome to the Bardolatry podcast, where we take Shakespeare’s plays and dissect them—Minerva style. For the inaugural episode, Gabs, Olivia, and Katy discuss the role of cross-dressing in three of the Bard’s comedies: As You Like It, Twelfth Night, and The Merchant of Venice. We look closely at the female heroines in these plays in an effort to figure out what cross-dressing says about their characters and the society they live in.

Although all of us are huge Shakespeare geeks, meaning we have read the plays and the corresponding research, we are not researchers ourselves. As we wonder aloud about these cross-dressing women, we are merely using the hard work other academics have done as well as our own biased readings of the primary texts.  This podcast is about free-flowing conversation and love for the Bard, not high academia. For that, you should probably go to class and listen to your teacher. For everything else, Bardolatry is here for you!

Episode 1: Cross-dress for Success


Intro Music: “Baroque Chorus” (by Daniel “BozoDel” Piovezan)