Hello there listeners, and welcome to another episode of Bardolatry. Today, Gabs and Olivia (with written contributions from Katy) discuss Romeo and Juliet andHamlet, and whether these two plays should be read in schools, how ingrained they are in our culture, and if there should be other plays that could serve as students’ gateway to Shakespeare instead. With all of this deduction and consensus reaching, we’re left wondering whether we should give up or rewrite the high school English curriculum.

Apologies again for the “lovely” and unintentional background ambience in this one; there was a vent on in the room, and the room itself was echo-y. Maybe we can pretend its the whisper of Hamlet’s father’s ghost or the subtle whistle of the wind tousling Romeo’s hair in a dramatic fashion.

Intro Music: “Baroque Chorus” (by Daniel “BozoDel” Piovezan)