We all have ups and downs with our iPhone’s autocorrect feature. It can come in handy when you’ve had a bit too much to drink, but other times it’s a serious nuisance. For any Harry Potter fan, it can be frustrating to have an in-depth and passionate texting discussion with your bestie. Here are seven examples of familiar words that your iPhone may try to turn your beloved HP names into. Get your act together, Apple!

  1.  Snape —> Snake : When Snape autocorrects to snake and you’re just like, “I guess that’s fine.”autocorrect2
  2. Slytherin —> Slathering: I guess what happens in the dungeons stays in the dungeons?!autocorrect3
  1. Dumbledore —> Bolden Ore: Do you think the Fellowship has room for Dumbledore on their trek to Moria? Pretty sure their old guy quotient is fulfilled by Gandalf.


  1. Bellatrix —> Bell arroz : What is this, a Mexican meal? Sure, I guess I’ll get a side of churros to go, please… thanks!


  1. Unbreakable Vow —> Unreadable cow : iCow: Apple’s successor to the iPad? A new way to read Harry Potter & the Udder of the Phoenix!


  1. Hermione —> Hermit even: If Hermione actually was a hermit, someone else might get to speak in class.


  1. Hogwarts —> Hogwash: Educational Decree Number Ninety-Seven: Umbridge’s new name for Hogwarts when she became Headmistress.


Original Header image via Warner Bros. Screencaps via Seán Moreau.