It’s almost time for summer, thank geekiness! Here in the Boston area, the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. But that’s okay, because rain is better than snow, after all. So in an attempt to find something sunny and fun to kick off what should be the start of summer (weather pending), the Minerva crew got together to get their pirate on for this installment of Drinking Dame, enjoying lots of rum and the first Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (or PotC, if you prefer). But you don’t have to be a pirate (or a pirate wannabe) for the Drinker’s Code to apply.

For such a large (and most would argue, overblown) franchise, nothing beasts the cinematic scope and narrative success of the first movie. Not only is this movie plain fabulous in the grand scheme of its swashbuckling action, sweeping panoramic views of the ocean, and blood-pumping music, but it heralded a generational love of pirates and sparked even more pirates vs. ninjas debates. Say what you will about the rest of the movies, but the first one is definitely a classic. And come on, Johnny Depp in guyliner.

We tried to keep the rules specifically pirate-y and appropriately rum-themed for this Drinking Dame, partaking in rum and coke and the infamous “Dark and Stormy” (rum and ginger beer) to get into the spirit. “Welcome to the Caribbean” indeed.

Rules of Engagement:
– Drink whenever someone on screen drinks (which happens surprisingly less often then you think it will!)
– Drink whenever you see an absurd amount of boobs (this mostly happens in Tortuga)
– Drink any time Barbossa talks about/holds/is in the vicinity of apples
– Drink whenever Elizabeth and Will share an awkward moment
– Drink anytime anything remotely pirate-y is said (“avast,” “aye,” “parley,” “rum,” “port”, “starboard,” “commandeer,” and “Pirate’s Code” all apply here)
– Drink any time Ragetti (the tall spindly pirate with the wooden eye) loses said wooden eye
– Start a waterfall when Jack starts downing rum on the island
– Finish your drink when Jack asks, “Why is the rum gone?”
(We also toyed with the idea of bonus drinking any time the film was historically inaccurate, but unless you’ve stolen some Aztec gold and been cursed with skeletal immortality, this drinking rule is ill-advised.)

Featured image via IMDb.