What better way to celebrate shared geekiness than by watching a show that extols the virtues of a small town bureaucratic government? Okay, so most people don’t watch Parks and Rec to see the ins and outs of the governmental process (unless you are secretly Leslie Knope).

The thing that makes this show so fabulous are the wonderful characters and all their relationships with each other. That makes Parks and Rec basically the perfect drinking game. Who doesn’t want to watch a show about friends with their friends? And if alcohol is involved, it’s really just a plus (bonus points if you’re drinking snake juice).

There could be all sorts of complicated rules in place, but we tried to break it down. The reason there are so many rules is that any given episode might not have everything happen. It turns out writing a drinking game for a show is a lot harder than writing one for a movie. Mostly you just have to remember that each character gets a quirky trait and things that happen fairly often are usually drink worthy.

And because we at Minerva are all about celebrating women (and have already praised Parks and Rec for one of its great female friendships), we’ve added an additional set of rules that the founder of Galentine’s Day herself would put her stamp of approval on. Play our special female friendship edition of the game! Not only will you be celebrating something important, but you’ll get tipsy while doing so. (Really, you will. We test all these out.) The Minerva team especially recommends making waffles before you start as fortification.

Happy drinking!

Take a drink every time:


  • Leslie really into something government related (by making binders, posters, trying to get other people hyped, etc.)
  • Anne is distressed about the health of the people she knows
  • Ron eats steak, bacon, eggs, or drinks scotch
  • April insults someone with characteristic brutality
  • Tom comes up with a bad romantic gesture or delivers a cheesy pick-up line
  • Donna reveals that she secretly has money (by mentioning her Benz, her real estate business, her family’s cabin, her relation to Ginuwine, etc.)
  • Jerry does something clumsy or trips up and it results in him being teased by his coworkers
  • Chris says the word “literally”
  • Ben gets super excited and/or passionate about one of his geeky interests
  • Andy sings, writes a song, or talks about Mouse Rat


  • Somebody gets excited about Lil’ Sebastian
  • Somebody insults calzones
  • Somebody goes to JJ’s Diner or talks about JJ’s Diner
  • A weird Pawnee history fact is revealed (usually through their bizarre murals)
  • Anytime Harris shows up at a community forum and gives a weird/creepy suggestion
  • Anytime Ethel Beavers is not amused by your shit
  • Anytime Perd Hapley has to explain something very literally
  • Anytime Jean Ralphio draws out a word or phrase by singing it or tries to rap

Bonus! Galentine’s Day/Female friendship rules:

  • Anytime Leslie gives someone a super thoughtful gift that fits them really well
  • Leslie calls Anne an unusual compliment
  • Anne counsels Leslie through a difficult situation
  • April begrudgingly admits that she likes someone (even if only briefly)
  • Leslie proudly stands up and fights for women’s rights
  • Characters kiss and/or say that they love each other (an extra drink if it’s not romantic!)
  • Finish your drink anytime characters get engaged or married

Featured image via Fansided.