Grab your brooms! The witching hour approaches, and that means it’s time for the Halloween edition of the Drinking Dame! If you’re new to our site, the Drinking Dame is where the lovely staff of Minerva Mag risk oversharing and nausea by creating drinking games for our favorite geeky movies. (Our Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire game would also be appropriate this time of year.)

While there are many beloved, yet hokey, Halloween movies out there (I’m looking at you, Halloweentown!), there is no movie more fitting for the ’90s generation than Hocus Pocus. This movie truly has it all: overly dramatic villains, a talking cat, a lovable zombie, an embarrassing teenage romance, and yes, even a musical number. How did we ever watch this without alcohol?

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not seen this movie in many years. While others in the room clearly knew what was coming, I was practically seeing this for the first time. It was seemingly just as enjoyable for me as it was for those in the room who watch this every year, without fail.

I encourage you to go all out with your celebrations. Concoct a witches’ brew for everyone or at least have some apple ciders or pumpkin beers on hand in the spirit of the season. Pick up some caramel apples or Halloween candy as snacks. Heck, you can even invite everyone to dress up and award a prize for the best costume. The more elaborate your plans, the more fun you’re bound to have.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the rules of the game!

  • Drink whenever the Sanderson Sisters get upset for being called ugly or old.
  • Drink whenever you see Ernie’s “ICE” shaved head.
  • Drink whenever the book opens its eye.
  • Drink whenever Mary smells a child.
  • Drink whenever the zombie loses a limb.
  • Drink whenever someone says “virgin.”
  • Drink whenever Binx says something sarcastic.
  • Drink whenever Sarah Sanderson gets boy crazy.
  • Drink whenever Winifred says “Boooooook” or “My Book!”
  • Drink whenever Dani screams “MAX!”
  • Drink whenever you run across a historical inaccuracy.
  • Drink whenever the sisters are confused by modernity.
  • Waterfall as Sarah sings and enchants the town’s children.
  • Finish your drink during the “I’ll put a spell on you” performance.

Overall, this game was quite the success. The movie is ridiculous enough to have plenty of running gags throughout, which allows for sarcastic remarks and plenty of drinking: two ingredients essential for the perfect movie night. Just imagine how much better it could be if that sequel ever comes to pass.

This Hocus Pocus drinking game serves up a cauldron-full of nostalgia as you turn a childhood cult classic into an adults-only night of fun.

Header image via Gawker Media