Fandom Fashion

When going to work or school, it feels like you have to keep your inner-geek in the closet out of fear that people will think you’re a total weirdo. So by day, you act the way society dictates every normal person should, but by night you can strip away oppressive ordinariness and fully embrace your fandoms. But what if you could rock your geeky side anytime, anywhere? What if you could stick it to normalcy and wear your fandoms with pride? Such a lifestyle change may seem impossible, but with a little creativity, you can adopt any character’s look and pass outside judgment. In addition, your fashion activism might unlock a whole community of fellow fans in your office or classroom who are just as passionate and quirky as you are.

Katniss Inspired Look

Who better to embody than the girl who inspired a rebellion against the Capitol? This outfit takes you from timid citizen to the “Girl on Fire” with a few simple pieces you probably already have somewhere in your closet.

For this look, you will need: black skinny jeans, a solid color v-neck, midcalf boots, and an army green canvas jacket. Don’t forget Katniss’ signature braid, but try creating your own take on this hairstyle.

Make this look even more Hunger Games worthy with these accessories:

Downton Abbey Inspired Look

Nothing makes a girl more alluring than regal confidence. The ladies of Downton Abbey are the perfect models for this tantalizing ensemble. Take a page from Lady Mary Crawley’s playbook and have numerous suitors vying for your attention.

For this look you will need: a silk dress, a pair of kitten/oxford heels, and a faux-fur coat.

Lady Mary wouldn’t leave the estate without the following accessories:

Outlander Inspired Look

Whether or not you hail from the Highlands, plaid is the pattern of choice as of late. Be your own “Sassenach” in this look that pays homage to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Maybe you can even snag a modern day Jamie Fraser.

For this look you will need: a long structured skirt (preferably wool or similar fabric), a neutral blouse, and brown knee-length boots. Claire’s hair always seems to be on the wild side, so don’t be afraid to let those curls flow.

Accessories to keep in your sporran:

Mario Inspired Look

He stole our hearts in Super Smash Bros. and then captivated us once again in Mario Kart. Now, you can live life like this Italian speedster with an effortless look equipped for any bob-ombs, chain chomps, or banana peels you may encounter. This is the perfect outfit for a casual Friday or Saturday afternoon outing.

For this look you will need: overalls, a solid colored top, and matching sneakers.

Trick-out your style with the following accessories:

Hobbit Inspired Look

There once was a ring to rule them all, and now there is a look that will take back Middle Earth. Go on your own adventure in this hobbit-inspired look that works perfectly for long walks or trips to the pub.

For this look you will need: khaki capris, a white button-down blouse, a vest, and flats/oxfords.

Do not leave the comforts of the Shire without these accessories: