Anime Boston Yearbook 2015

We love anime at Minerva (albeit nostalgia bait from the early ‘00s like InuYasha, Naruto, and the good ole’ Toonami lineup. But don’t be hatin’…we know you have a hanger of Levi from Attack on Titan in your closet). But you know what’s even more awesome than geeking out over anime on the web? Geeking out IRL at a convention with thousands of people dressed up as your favorite characters!

I had the opportunity to attend Anime Boston 2015 this year, and I was blown away by the amount of time and skill put into the costumes. I scavenged the halls of the Hynes Convention Center to find outstanding cosplayers, and I was not disappointed.

Cosplay is not necessarily about creating the most beautiful costume-it’s about having fun, getting into character, and sharing your love for your obsessions. Wearing Anime Cosplay Costumes and flaunting their favorite characters live has also been seen as an activity that boosts self-confidence and creates a sense of community. Anime Boston though has always had a way to incorporate something fresh and new. This year instead of showcasing “the best of the best”, the yearbook highlights an eclectic mix of cosplayers who helped make Anime Boston the kind of convention people go back to every year (Fun fact: it’s the sixth largest anime convention in the United States).

There were so many amazing cosplayers that I couldn’t possibly get photos of everyone, nor could I track down everyone I photographed (we are diligent about giving talented cosplayers credit, so if you see yourself or your friends featured without photo credit, please let us know how we can credit you/them).

Thus, Minerva unveils the Anime Boston 2015 Yearbook. Who was the funniest? Who had the best smile? Who has the most con spirit? You or one of your friends just might be featured!

Best Kaiju: Gyarados (with Team Rocket Grunts)

Tony Valentino, Thomas McGuine

Pokémon count as kaiju, right? With this badass Gyarados in tow, these Team Rocket grunts could conquer the entire con.

Best Mecha: Gundam Crossbone Maoh

Brendan Lam

Here to save the day from Kaiju is Gundam Crossbone Maoh with awesome light-up effects and all. Wait…is that skull firing a laser? EVACUATE, EVACUATE!!!!

Best Friends: Miguel and Tulio

Miguel: rainbowsandscholarship

Tulio: thegothdetectiv

Finding the fountain of youth is clearly not in the stars for Miguel and Tulio, who seem to have taken an unfortunate detour to the frozen wasteland of Boston. Friendship can turn a sucky situation into a fun one, however, and the dynamic duo brought many smiles to con-goers.

Best Friends: Ryuko and Mako

Ryuko: littlepoppycat

Left Mako: seanut

Right Mako: armin-swaglert

Speaking of losing one’s way, KILL la KILL’s Ryuko Matoi needs two Makos to help her navigate the con. Or maybe Mako is just that dedicated of a friend that she can clone herself at will. Hey, with Studio Trigger, who knows?

Cutest Couple: Korra and Asami

Asami: Corrine Zehui Liu

Korra: dhenseldee

Dressed to the nines in their formal attire are Asami and Korra, the hottest couple at Anime Boston this year. Are they heading out for a dinner date?

Cutest Couple: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider: sorryidonttakeshitwithmycoffee

Rapunzel: manners-maketh-kingsmen

Not only is Rapunzel looking a-freakin-mazing in her dress, but having a smoldering hottie like Flynn Rider wrapped around her pinky doesn’t hurt either.

The Clique you Don't Want to Mess With: King Vegeta, Cell, and Fasha

The King of Saiyans Cosplay

This crew of baddies lives for two things: kicking butt and eating (or absorbing, if you’re Cell).

The Clique Everyone Wants in on: The Kingdom Hearts Crew

The Kingdom Hearts Crew: BliTz Cosplay

Sora: Faxen Cosplay

With cool kids like Sora and Riku and loyal sidekicks like Goofy, Donald, and the Genie, everyone wants friends like these guys.

Best Dressed: Margaery Tyrell


Margaery Tyrell looks stunning in this dress fit for a queen. The embroidered roses of House Tyrell will show Joffrey that Margaery has no intention of becoming a Baratheon (or Lannister) anytime soon!

Most Badass: Nidalee

JadeeyKins (link broken, please give us the correct one if you know it!)

League of Legends’ Nidalee has got her serious game face on and is ready for the hunt. Kaiju and mecha beware!

Biggest Party Animals: Foxy and Chica

Chica: star ordinary

Foxy: Kasper Stein

You can always depend on these two to keep your nights filled with adrenaline. I’ve heard Chica makes some mean cupcakes, and Foxy loves throwing surprise parties.

Best '90s Throwback: Yusuke and Kurama

Yusuke: soapcapecosplay

Kurama: Heavens Gem Cosplay

Yusuke and Kurama take a break from fighting demons (remember the dark tournament? Soooo much nostalgia!), but tough guy Yusuke can’t help but look adorable with Puu resting on his head.

Best Creature: Appa

Sarah Nika

So cute and cuddly! Don’t you want to just give Appa a double high-five?

Best Smile: Belle

Jasmine Rochelle Goodspeed

Enchanted to meet you! Belle is having a ball in her signature yellow gown.

Sassiest: The Ugly Stepsisters (with Cinderella)

Anastasia and Drizella: Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay

Cinderella: Pyropi

Cinderella masters her resting bitch face as Anastasia and Drizella give her some sass.

Sassiest: Batman drinking an iced coffee

Matches Malone

It’s Batman drinking an iced coffee. What could be sassier than that?

Best Special Effects: Ahri


Foxy fighter Ahri is ready for battle with her orb of deception.

Funniest: Got Repel?

Joe Doyle

'Nuff said.
Best Crossover: Doctor Who meets Sailor Moon

Wicked Lady: siriuswho

Uh-oh! The Wicked Lady has hijacked the TARDIS!

Best Crossover: Doctor Who meets Sailor Moon

The Doctors: Boston Whovians

Eleven: South Shore Time Lord

Luckily, the Doctors were there to reclaim it.

Best Crossover: Doctor Who meets Sailor Moon

Princess Chibiusa: emeraldsakura711

And now Chibiusa is back to normal. On the next episode of Doctor Moon, can the doctors turn plushie Mamoru back into a human? Or will they leave him like that because he’s too darn cute?

Favorite Lady Power Duos: Agent Peggy Carter and Black Widow

Black Widow: Mary Jane Romanoff Cosplay

Peggy Carter: Actually Properly Real Cosplay

Don’t leave saving the world to the men! Black Widow and Agent Peggy Carter, not taking any sass today.

Favorite Lady Power Duos: Panty and Stocking

Panty: Meredith Prato

Stocking: Sophie Keevan

Bummed that they weren’t chosen to star in the all-female Ghostbusters reboot, Panty and Stocking get ready to kill some zombies in their audition for The Walking Dead with…interesting weapon choices.

Favorite Lady Power Duos: Harley Quinn and Suki

Kaitlyn Cullen and Kyoshi Rose

An unlikely pair for sure, but what these gals have in common is a penchant for face painting and the ability to kick some major butt.

Most Con Spirit: Carl

Cosplay Dad

Carl proves that you’re never too old to cosplay.

Most Con Spirit: Espeon and Umbreon

Espeon: ithinkincomics

Umbreon: itsjieyang

While talking to these awesome Espeon and Umbreon cosplayers, a young girl dressed as a Vaporeon approached, over the moon about their costumes. They replied that they loved her costume, and she was absolutely ecstatic.

Was the young girl’s cosplay phenomenal? No, but cosplay isn’t about creating the best costume. Sometimes at cons, you run into elitist cosplayers who discourage others from cosplaying because of age, race, gender, body type, or lack of access to premium cosplay resources. That kind of attitude has no place at conventions.

These Espeon and Umbreon cosplayers get what it’s about: love and passion. Everyone starts somewhere, and because of encouragement from people like them, young kids who are just getting the hang of cosplay will come back next year even more inspired.

Thanks for all of your fun cosplay and we’ll see you at the next con!